Speaker Presentations

Thursday, June 16th

Room Chestnut East
09:00 Partnerships and Collaborations 4

Behruzi, Roksana
Blair, Valerie
Fazli, Ghazal
Fernandez, Melissa
Hoy, Sandy
11:00 An Overview of Health Data Available from Statistics Canada

MacKenzie, Andrew
Room Chestnut West
09:00 Health Promotion 4

Carter, Allison
Christmas, Candice
Laxer, Rachel
Orpana, Heather
Swanson, Kenda Charlotte
11:00 Approaches to Community Wellbeing: A First Nations approach to Public Health

Pellerin, Francine
Room Maple Room
09:00 Policy and Program Interventions 4

Beggs, Jennifer
Graham, Andrea
Hassan, Oluwasegun
Politis, Christopher
11:00 RECIG to Inform Policy: Research on E-Cigarettes

Schwartz, Robert
Room Osgood Ballroom East
11:00 The Web Resource Rating tool: Learn to identify and create high quality online health information using McMaster Optimal Aging Portal’s appraisal tool

Watson, Susannah
Room Osgood Ballroom West
09:00 Building Public Health System Capacity 4

Bielska, Iwona
Carrière, Renée
Carrière, Renée
Fortin, Rebecca
Scott, Fran
11:00 Mental Health Caregivers Guide - A National Partnership Resource-development Project - presented via interactive workshop by Ottawa Public Health's Mental Health Team.

Turcotte, Julie
Room Sheraton Hall A
09:00 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities 4

Lu, Kevin
Robinson, Shannon
Sawatzky, Alexandra
Tait Neufeld, Hannah
11:00 Addressing global ecological change together: forging new partnerships

Hancock, Trevor
Room Sheraton Hall B
09:00 Health Protection 3

Bell, Christopher
Kwong, Jeff
MacDougall, Heather
Wilson, Sarah
Room Sheraton Hall C
09:00 World Cafe 2

Dyck, Lesley
Healy, Theresa
Moffatt, Hannah
Ndumbe-Eyoh, Sume
11:00 Introducing the PHO MetaQAT, the Public Heath Ontario Meta Tool for Quality Assessment of Public Health Evidence

Rosella, Laura
Room VIP Room
09:00 Factors that Influence Vaccine Hesitancy: Part IV

MacDonald, Noni
Roe, Ian
Taddio, Anna
11:00 Our collective Canadian responsibility: Responding to the Syrian refugee crisis

Raghubir, Jaya
Room Willow East
09:00 Health Assessment, Disease Surveillance, Program Evaluation and Research 4

Couris, Chantal
Giesbrecht, Norman
Jeong, Eric
Sanchez Ramirez, Diana Carolina
Zuo, Fei
11:00 Physician Outreach: Communicating with Physicians to Influence Practice

Lobo, Sharon
Room Willow West & Centre
11:00 How Can I Choose a Public Health Ethics Framework that is Suited to My Practical Needs?

Keeling, Michael