Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, June 15th

Room Birchwood Ballroom
10:30 Health Assessment, Disease Surveillance, Program Evaluation and Research 3

Buxton, Jane
Hyshka, Elaine
Marchand, Kirsten
Palis, Heather
14:00 Making friends with systematic reviews: Be comfortable with assessing the quality of reviews & interpreting forest plots in 90 minutes!

Collaborator, NCCPH
Room Chestnut East
10:30 Partnerships and Collaborations 3

Darroch, Francine
Kriger, Debra
Plotkin, Ilya
Whelan, Noella
Wojcik, Sarah
14:00 Evaluating Home Stairway plus Bath/shower Facilities and Implementing Safety plus Usability Improvements for All Users

Pauls, Jake
Room Chestnut West
10:30 Health Promotion 3

Banga, Kamalpreet
Norton, Alexa
Robertson, Jo-Anne
Schmidt, Rose
Webber, Carmen
14:00 Public Health Systems and Services Research - The 'kid' is growing up but still needs support

MacDonald, Marjorie
Room Maple Room
10:30 Policy and Program Interventions 3

Cressman, Celine
Iwajomo, Oluwatomisin
Langevin, Jessica
McIsaac, Jessie-Lee
14:00 A Call to Action: Pathways to First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health Equity in Canada

Atkinson, Donna
Room Osgood Ballroom East
10:30 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities 3

Lu, Kevin
MacDonald, Jennifer
Ryan, Anna Claire
Song, Sandra
14:00 Public health research priority setting: The example of suicide prevention research

Orpana, Heather
Room Osgood Ballroom West
10:30 Building Public Health System Capacity 3

Beauregard, Marie-Ève
Chambers, Andrea
Cooke, Martin
Gagné, Claire
Greco, Lori
Room Sheraton Hall A
10:30 Strategies and Tools to Address Sexually Transmitted and Blood-borne Infections and Related Stigma

Penney, Greg
14:00 Mapping Public Health Principles for Cannabis Policy Reform in Canada

Culbert, Ian
Room Sheraton Hall B
10:30 Measuring health inequality in Canada – Lessons learned. Where to next?

Collaborator, CIHI
14:00 Public Health – The Force Awakens

Collaborator, OPHA
Room Sheraton Hall C
10:30 Health Protection 2

MacIntyre, Elaina
Parkes, Margot
Rodriguez-Villamizar, Laura Andrea
14:00 Balancing health promotion, disease prevention and stigma reduction: Creating positive public health communication campaigns

MacLean, Rachel
Room VIP Room
10:30 Factors that Influence Vaccine Hesitancy: Part III

Dube, Eve
MacDonald, Noni
14:00 Doing Health Equity Work Using a Collective Impact Approach

Ndumbe-Eyoh, Sume