Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, June 14th

Room Birchwood Ballroom
10:30 Health Assessment, Disease Surveillance, Program Evaluation and Research 1

Brennan, Laura
Ciampa, Nadia
Martin, Wanda
McIntyre, Lynn
Vo, Tin
13:30 The Policy Readiness Tool: Increasing Local Capacity for Healthy Public Policy Change

Nykiforuk, Candace
15:30 Health Assessment, Disease Surveillance, Program Evaluation and Research 2

Hongoh, Valerie
Kain, Nicole
Kujbida, Gregory
Read, Kristin
Reimer, Danielle
Room Chestnut East
10:30 Partnerships and Collaborations 1

Dutfield, Stewart
Mee, Carol
Moores, Patrick
Poland, Blake
13:30 EveryBODY Matters: Addressing weight stigma in public health research, practice and policy

Kirk, Sara
15:30 Partnerships and Collaborations 2

Elliott, Susan
Lu, Stephanie
Lucyk, Kelsey
Moore, Michael
Shankardass, Ketan
Room Chestnut West
10:30 Health Promotion 1

Agarwal, Gina
Decady, Yves
Kearney, Anne
Lee, Emerald
Malone, Mariah
13:30 Canada's Tobacco Endgame Initiative

Schwartz, Robert
15:30 Health Promotion 2

Amri, Michelle
Frisina, Angela
Joyce, Craig
Orstad, Stephanie
Silverman, Caroline
Room Grand Ballroom
08:30 Plenary II - Public Health and the Prevention of Violence

Guedes, Alessandra
Krug, Etienne
Room Maple Room
10:30 Policy and Program Interventions 1

Absalom, David
Freiler, Alix
Guyon, Ak'ingabe
Raphael, Dennis
Shankardass, Ketan
13:30 Publishing in the Canadian Journal of Public Health: Tips from Senior Editors

Session, CJPH
15:30 Policy and Program Interventions 2

Baskerville, Neill
Chaiton, Michael
Dash, Darly
Kaptein, Simone
Keller-Olaman, Sue
Room Osgood Ballroom East
10:30 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities 1

Gearheard, Jakob
Levine, Sarah
Rand, Jenny
Sanchez Ramirez, Diana Carolina
Shahram, Sana
13:30 Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities

Morrison, Val
15:30 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities 2

Jardine, Cindy
Laliberte, Nancy
Richer, Faisca
Young, Nancy
Young, Nancy
Room Osgood Ballroom West
10:30 Building Public Health System Capacity 1

Cohen, Benita
Dyck, Lesley
MacDonald, Marjorie
Moffatt, Hannah
Moffatt, Hannah
13:30 Ethical challenges in public health evaluation

Meserve, Allison
15:30 Building Public Health System Capacity 2

Chauvin, James
Marquez, Olivia
Marquez, Olivia
Pederson, Ann
Powell, Guido Antonio
Room Sheraton Hall A
13:30 Integrating Indigenous Community Planning into a Healthy Built Environment

Ma, Lydia
15:30 Public health benefits from and public health action to support Canadian efforts to contain global heating to <2°C

Hancock, Trevor
Room Sheraton Hall B
10:30 Closing the Gap on First Nations Public Health in Canada: From RCAP to the TRC

Collaborator, AFN
13:30 Transitioning from the Millennium Development Goals to the SDGs: What’s next for health?

Collaborator, PAHO
15:30 Making friends with systematic reviews: Be comfortable with assessing the quality of reviews & interpreting forest plots in 90 minutes!

Collaborator, NCCPH
Room Sheraton Hall C
10:30 Health Protection 1

Brown, Claudia
Hay, Karen
Perrin, Maureen
Riddell, Sarah
13:30 Cross sectoral advocacy: Climate Change and Water

Tcholakov, Yassen
15:30 World Cafe 1

Abdi, Samiya
Dyck, Lesley
Moffatt, Hannah
Parkes, Margot
Room VIP Room
10:30 Factors that Influence Vaccine Hesitancy: Part I

Dube, Eve
MacDonald, Noni
Roe, Ian
13:30 Biomonitoring in Canada: The Canadian Health Measures Survey and the Arctic

Khoury, Cheryl
15:30 Factors that Influence Vaccine Hesitancy: Part II

Hui, Charles
Isenor, Jennifer
MacDonald, Shannon