Speaker Presentations

Monday, June 13th

Room Birchwood Ballroom
15:30 "Data Jam" - Interactive tools for monitoring health status and health inequalities in Canada

Miszkurka, Malgorata
Room Chestnut East
15:30 Hepatitis C: It’s a whole new world

Warshawsky, Bryna
Room Chestnut West
15:30 Geography, Land, and Environment as Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health and Well-being in Canada

Atkinson, Donna
Room Grand Ballroom
15:30 Plenary I - Technology and Public Health

Buckeridge, David
Room Linden Room
15:30 TB elimination in Canada: Time to get serious about it

Rea, Elizabeth
Room Maple Room
15:30 How can we contain health costs and improve health equity?

Dyck, Lesley
Room Osgood Ballroom East
15:30 Leadership and Influence: Building Capacity for Policy Engagement

Mackie, Chris
Room Osgood Ballroom West
15:30 From Message to Behaviour Change; A systematic approach to evaluating the impact of health communication efforts

Rosa, Sophie
Room Sheraton Hall A
15:30 Health Promotion: Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

Dhaliwal, Rosie
Room Sheraton Hall B
15:30 Interrogating context and consequences of population health solutions: Where to next

Di Ruggiero, Erica
Room Sheraton Hall C
15:30 Applying a framework to promote effective communication of public health guidance to emergency department clinicians

Khan, Yasmin
Room VIP Room
15:30 Innovative partnerships to reach high priority populations with barriers to smoking cessation supports: A Documentation of Practice Study

Honsberger, Nathan